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About Moving My Tree

Words or Weeds

 Once upon a time, I thought I knew who i was and where I was headed.  
  Doesn't that sound like the beginning of a really good story?  More like the fairy tale that it is copied from.  Fantasy - fairy tale - false premise for sure.
  Seriously, does anyone know themselves, or where they are really headed?   I believe we think we resemble that image we see in the mirror.   And, we hope we are something close to the person our loved ones tell us we are.  But, there is also that fear that we aren't any of those people.   Maybe we are someone nobody has seen or met.  Somebody we don't want to be.

  I think I am all of the above and then some more.   I am still a garden full - of weeds, flowers, trees, dirt, and decaying pieces.  
  I never forget to remind myself that I am a child of God - wonderfully made, made with a purpose. and loved.  I just struggle with the details.
  Help me explore and discover the right home for my tree.

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