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To view me from any perspective would reveal a mystery for most. The chameleon I have become only protects the private being I really am. I am intended for and restricted to my own person. Somewhere behind any of the glimpses of who I choose to unveil is really a very secretive, personal and immensely private person. I truly belong only to me and am known only to me. Reserved behind my protective cloak of privacy is where I can be anyone I opt to be. This wonderful cloak is my shield of choice and allows only mere particles of me to be evident while always hiding the real me. It is a smoke screen to guard against the possibility of revealing too much to the world. For me to survive, it has become necessary for me to embrace this private, reclusive person. In an esoteric state, I can revel in the confidence that I am actually safe and happy. There is comfort in this blissful, secluded realm from those who attempt to intrude and uncover the person who has been hidden from their view. Privacy is my reality where my real thoughts and dreams are allowed to exist and unravel and grow without restrictions or criticisms. Building castles in the sky without an architect or mortgage payments, as well as enjoying a myriad of fantasies are some of the rewards I enjoy privately. There are no boundaries or rules to hinder me, and no consequences or expenses for the experiences enjoyed there. This cloak of privacy also harbors that darker place where my deepest fears and uncertainties can be protected. Shadowed within this isolated world there are nightmares and terrors that simmer and occasionally threaten to unveil themselves to others. Privacy holds my insecurities and anxieties in check. And it is there where I have chosen to bury my sins and transgressions so they are known only to my conscience and confessed only to my God. Privacy requires being a mystery. There are clues and some evidence to help solve this riddle if anyone were inspired to pay attention and arrange the pieces of this puzzle correctly. My preference is to remain a quiet enigma and not generate any inspiration or interest for investigation. There are many layers to the private person who is really me. Acting on cue, I only show myself as a character with a script, serving in a role required for the moment or situation. Hidden from view and anonymous to anyone who tries to know or understand the real me, I remain sheltered from any intrusion. Privacy is my safety zone as well as my way of life

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